Haryana, India

Are you a crafty parent with a little artist at home? Let's jazz up your child's room with a super cozy blanket that's all about them! Today, Pomme Co. is here to show you how to personalize a kid's blanket in a simple and fun way.


What you'll need:

- A super soft Pomme Co. kid's blanket (pick their favorite color!)

- Washable fabric markers (easy for little hands)

- Optional: Stencils (for extra fun!)

- Optional: Fabric glue (for adding decorations)

- Optional decorations like sequins or pom poms


Let's dive in!


  1. Plan together: Sit down with your child and brainstorm ideas. Do they want a jungle full of animals? Or maybe a sky full of stars? It's their call!


  1. Light sketch: Use a pencil to lightly draw the design on the blanket. Don't worry, you can erase it later. Stencils can help make perfect shapes!


  1. Time to color: Let your child go wild with the fabric markers. They can try out different colors, patterns, and even write messages!


  1. Decorate (if you want): Feeling fancy? Add sequins, pom poms, or other decorations with fabric glue. Let your imagination run wild!


  1. Let it dry: Leave the blanket to dry completely. Follow the fabric marker instructions for the best results.


And there you have it! A special blanket that's as unique as your child.


Pomme's Tips:

- Wash the blanket before decorating for better colors.

- Protect your workspace from spills.

- Younger children might find thick markers easier to use.

- Most importantly, have fun and don't worry about the mess!


Think beyond the blanket!

This DIY fun isn't limited to blankets. Pomme Co. has lots of soft homeware waiting for your creative touch. Tote bags, throw pillows, even curtains can become mini art projects!


So, grab your Pomme Co. gear and let's make a space that's full of joy! Share your creations with us using #PommeDIY on social media. We can't wait to see what you create!

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